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The Bureau shall have the power to:

  1. Determine the monetary and thresholds for the application of the provisions of this Law by the procuring entities;
  2. Stipulate to all procuring entities, the procedures and documentation for the issuance of “Certificate of No Objection” for contract award and payment certificates;
  3. Subject to paragraph (a) above, issue “Certificate of No Objection” for contract award within the stipulated prior review threshold for all procurements in accordance with the provision of this Law;
  4. recommend to the State Civil Service Commission, sanctions against any public officer that contravenes any provision of this Law and its regulations, and or to the Governor sanctions against any political appointee that violates any provisions of this Law or regulations;
  5. Any supplier, contractor or service provider that contravenes any provision of this Law, and regulations made pursuant to this Law;
  6. Maintain hard copy and online database of information on State Contractors and service providers, and to the exclusion of all procuring entities, prescribe classification and categorization for the companies on the register;
  7. maintain a list of firms, Directors and individuals connected with the management of such firms that have been delisted from participating in public procurement activities and also publish them in all its data bases and the procurement journal;
  8. call for such information, documents, records, and reports in respect of any aspect of any procurement proceeding where a breach, wrong doing, default, mismanagement or collusion has been alleged, suspected, reported or proved against a procuring entity, and contractor or service provider;
  9. where there are persistent or serious breaches of this Law, regulations or guidelines made under this Law by procuring entity, recommend to the State Civil Service Commission or Head of Service or Secretary to the Government or Governor, whichever is applicable, who shall act within 30 days to ensure-
    (i) the suspension of the officer concerned with the procurement or disposal proceeding in issue;
    (ii) the replacement of the Head or any of the members of the procuring or disposal unit of any entity or the Chairperson of the Resident Due Process Team as the case may be;
    (iii) the temporary transfer of the procuring and disposal functions of a procuring and disposing entity to a third party procurement Agency or Consultant;
    (iv) The removal from office of a political appointee; or (v) any other sanction that the Bureau may recommend as appropriate.
  10. Call for the production of books of accounts, plans, documents and examine, of persons or parties in connection with any procurement proceeding;
  11. act upon complaint in accordance with the procedures set out in this Law;
  12. in the absence of any satisfactory explanation from the Ministry, Department or Agency, recommend the nullification, in whole or part, of any procurement process or award which is in contravention of this Law and send a report to the Governor;