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Due Process Rules.

Due Process is a Mechanism for ensuring strict compliance with openness, competition and cost accuracy rules and procedures that should guide contract award in Cross River State. This mechanism has become the popularly adopted short form for Due Process and Price Intelligence Department (DPPID):
This is the Department charged with the responsibility of implementing public procurement Reform program in the state.
The Due Process and Price Intelligence Department (DPPID) was established by Governor Liyel Imoke in June 2007 in fulfillment of his commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of public funds in the State.
At the Federal level, this reform policy came to life in 2001 as a result of a Diagnostic study conducted into the State and Federal Government public procurement systems. This study revealed that Nigeria lost several hundred billions of naira as a result of flagrant abuse of procedures for award of public contracts, inflation of contract cost, lack of transparency and lack of merit as the fundamental criteria for award of public contracts.
The findings of this study made it imperative that a reform policy be put in place to reduce and check large scale corruption and waste that has reduced the efficiency of the Nigerian’public